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Advertising Agencies run into problems helping their current nonprofit clients grow. We solve that problem. Wholesale Communication brings a unique P2P texting platform equipped with extensive features to communicate with donors, motivate action, and generate donations. Most of all, we give you the tools so you can be the hero.

We partner with you to craft solutions for each of your clients.

Wholesale Communication's unique phone solutions are both economical and effective. You can take your client's strategies to the next level, and grow your clients and your agency in the process.

P2P Texting  

Agencies that have non-profit clients send us the message they want to text to their active, lapsed, or potential new donors with an accompanying picture or video with a donation link in the message. If a donor has questions or comments, they can reply to the original text message.

Automated Calling  

Save your client's time and resources while still delivering important information and updates with the ability to automate calls and leave pre-recorded messages. Automated dialing allows for easy tracking and analysis of call results, allowing nonprofits to measure the effectiveness of their outreach efforts and make data-driven decisions.

Conference Calls

Host impactful large donor conference calls to connect with up to 50,000 supporters per minute. Empower your non-profit clients to engage with their donors in a meaningful way and foster a sense of community among supporters. These calls provide a platform for clients to share their plans, goals, recent achievements, and receive valuable feedback and support from donors. By utilizing this communication channel, non-profits can enhance their transparency, accountability, and donor engagement, leading to an increase in donations and overall support for their cause.

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Your client's donors want to feel valued. Our P2P texting is an authentic form of peer-to-peer communication. We take great pride in that our delivery receipts, click tracking, and real-time reports are among the most precise in the industry. The real peer-to-peer nature of our texting service enables your client to collect more donations at a lower cost than traditional methods such as direct mail.

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We help you grow

Your clients might like to expand their reach and connect with new potential donors. Our unique approach allows us to bridge the gap and connect them with individuals who align with their cause. We can assist in identifying and reaching out to individuals who are likely to support their mission. When you partner up with Wholesale Communication, we help you and your clients grow.

Other Cool Features

By engaging in a real, two-way discussion with people through P2P texts, your client's valued donors can donate easily, get notified of upcoming events, volunteer, and do so much more. Texting is now as hassle-free as it can possibly be, thanks to the flexibility provided by Wholesale Communication's partnership. Supporters can donate via their mobile devices at any time and place, regardless of where they are. You'll save money on operational expenditures and run widespread campaigns more easily.

Managed Services

Our services have been developed to ensure that your clients derive the greatest possible return on the money they invest. Our delivery receipts and real-time reporting are the best in the industry.

Consultancy Services

An in-depth understanding of industry principles and an insight of advertising agency realities are at the core of our consultancy services. Our experts allow our partners to engage in independent assessment and consulting services that cover both technical and strategic aspects.

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Our telecom services are not only convenient for your clients, but it is also beneficial to your company as a whole. Learn how using our services can offer you a cutting edge advantage over your competitors. Call us today for more information.

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